Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Secondary World Problems

A brief bit of riffing on the subject line last night on Twitter, reproduced here because of Twitter's limitations as an archive.

  • Giving up on rings as jewelry, going for lapel pins instead. No-one ever enchants those. (link)
  • Hard for foundlings like me to make long-term plans since any day we might need to save our birth kingdoms. (link)
  • Arbitrary but necessary restrictions on wardrobe, especially shirts. Damn it, I *like* the color red. (link)
  • Have my flying car, and 3D traffic jams to go with it. (link)
  • Keep being turned into orcs and aliens and shit, along with the rest of my fellow brown people. (link)

There are some great ones at the hashtag, which I will link to some time when I don't have a baby asleep on my shoulder, but feel free to mention ones you liked or come up with new ones.

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