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Legend of Korra through S01E03, "The Revelation"

I have such a backlog of things to write about it's ridiculous, but this I can do quick:

The Legend of Korra is awesome and if you even liked Avatar: The Last Airbender, you should be watching it. The thing I like most about the most recent episode is

that while Amon is a bad guy, I'd bet money that there is something wrong in the spirit world and, just as importantly, with Korra's relationship to the spirit world, because I trust and expect the writers to do make this stuff complicated (ditto the societal status of benders and non-benders).

I just wish SteelyKid were old enough to watch it, because it feels very weird DVR'ing something on Nick and not being able to watch it with her in the room! (She doesn't mind watching things she doesn't understand, but I think the tone is far too dark for her to be comfortable, given that she will walk out of the room for certain moments in Animaniacs.) comment count unavailable comment(s) (how-to) | link

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