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in memoriam

My maternal grandmother, Newvart Goodwin, died today in the peaceful and loving company of her two daughters. She delighted in her family and friends, and will be missed. I'll link to an obit or eulogy when I can.

By lousy coincidence, two members of Chad's family also died in the last few weeks. He remembers his great-aunt Mildred ("Auntie"), who was 97 and who we really did expect to outlive us all, over at his blog. And a few days after that, his Aunt Grace (actually his grandmother's aunt, who was 104, I believe), died of natural causes; he last saw her at Auntie's funeral, where she remarked on his height and said she liked it, since her eyes didn't work that well any more. I only met her once, I think, but she was a remarkable person.

Finally, allow me to serve as a cautionary example. I did not live up to my own expectations as a granddaughter in terms of keeping in touch with Grammy, and that's been a bitter pill to swallow. (I don't want sympathy, excuses, or justifications on this point, please.) If you keep meaning to contact someone in your life, particularly someone elderly or in poor health, now would be an excellent time to do so.

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