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Legend of Korra, Legend of Korra: waterbending
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Korra S01E05, "The Spirit of Competition"

It's very hard to buy this episode as a standalone. Korra publicly challenged Amon; what has been said in public about the result? Shouldn't Bolin have said something about her taking a hiatus from the task force? Shouldn't next-opponent guy have made some taunting reference to it? Is Korra doing a head-in-the-sand out of fear now (unlike her prior reaction of diving into Airbending training)? Where, damn it, are repercussions? Worldbuilding? Something other than boyfriends and roller derby?!

The AV Club does make some good points about the portrayal of Korra in the boyfriend part of the episode, and I know this is YA and I would probably have cared when I was in the target audience, but it's really just not what I'm watching this show for.

Finally, while Appa will always have first place in my heart, Pabu is pretty awesome. His face in the bath! Waddle-swimming on his belly after the noodle binge! Awww!

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