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The Pip at six months; SteelyKid at three years, nine months

The Pip was six months old yesterday.

At four months, he was 25" long and 12 pounds 14.5 ounces, with a head circumference of 42.5 centimeters. At five, he was 14 pounds even, which was a drop in percentile from 10-25th to 10th. Today, he was 26 3/4" long (75th percentile) and 14 pounds 6.5 ounces, which is another percentile drop, to 3-10th. (Head circumference 44 cm, 50-75th.) So we have been ordered to stuff as much food into him as he will accept, three solid meals a day, cereal and fruit/veg both. (He started solids a month or six weeks-ish ago? I forget exactly, though I did note on FB when we tried at four months and he was screamy and unputdownable all night then, so we gave it a bit before trying again.)

This was pretty upsetting, frankly: we are failing to provide our child with the basic life need of sufficient nutrition! (Exaggerated for effect, and not at all a reflection of the doctor, who is super nice. But still, guilt.) He is prone to stomach upsets and the trial and error of elimination dieting involves a lot of screaming and sleepless nights because of painful gas (I eliminated dairy and soy out of my diet, which helped, but last week we had a hideous night after giving him three meals of cereal + special formula. We thought maybe it was the formula, but now he can't have just water with his cereal because he needs the calories, but I can't pump enough milk so we have to try the formula again, and maybe it was the cereal instead anyway, so we should try something different, and and and . . . ). Also, and this is petty but, I really hate being spit up on, and I see a lot of that in our future.

Anyway. We have a plan, we have different cereals to try and lots of squash and other pureed things, I'll start keeping actual notes again instead of vague recollections, and it will be okay. He's very active and happy, so we haven't actually been starving him, and we'll just make a concerned effort to stuff as many calories into him as he'll accept—he loves stuff on a spoon so far, even the nasty special formula that we had to gradually introduce to SteelyKid he gobbled right up in his cereal, so that's a relief—and it will be okay.

Happier stuff: He rolled over for the first time at four months one week, and wow he loves to roll, and can get quite a distance in a remarkably short time. He so wants to crawl, gets up on his elbows and thrashes his feet; it's adorable yet scary. He still loves to "stand," and has a definite progression of preferred positions: on the floor, then sitting on a lap, then standing on a lap, then being walked around upright. (He will sit longer in the babypod, which some of you may remember from SteelyKid's infancy; picture in the links dump. Lying down in someone's arms is almost only a just-about-to-fall-asleep thing.) Though he doesn't much care for the standing bouncer at daycare, probably because he can't move horizontally in it. (He started daycare at just over four months and adjusted perfectly well.)

He still likes bouncing games, as seen in last time's video, and being raised up over our heads ("Way up high! Way down low [onto my lap]."). We've started doing peek-a-boo ("Where's baby (Pip)? There you are!"), which gets great laughs. He's ticklish around his collarbones and armpits. He absolutely lights up whenever he sees me, Chad, or SteelyKid, which is awesome. He's pretty good with other people, takes a little to warm up but likes to look; no stranger anxiety yet, I don't think.

He sleeps reasonably well when his stomach isn't bugging him, conking right out at night after eating and staying down for at least three hours (I realize that doesn't sound like much, and in an objective sense it isn't, but that constitutes "asleep until next feeding," so it could be a lot worse). We started swaddling him in a special baby straitjacket after he started rolling and seemed to often wake up with one arm under him, which I think helped, though once we've got his diet sorted out we'll be seeing if he'll fall asleep in the crib on his own and I don't know how the swaddle with work with that (if he hasn't outgrown it by then anyway).

Chad says a tooth broke through on the bottom today, the first (he was offering up his finger for comfort-chewing at the doctor's). He's been teething for ages; one of my stock phrases is, alas, "No, you may not teeth on my face." (He goes for the chin.) This is sometimes combined with the more common statement, "I'd shave my head but you'd just go for my ears." I'm still frequently tempted as he can really get quite the grip. Fortunately for the people who have to look at me, my hairdresser is closed on Mondays, and the weekend is usually when I have the strongest desire.

Combine chewing-on-everything with rolling: the last week or so he's been rolling over to eat the raised edge of his changing pad, which is suboptimal in so many ways and yet appallingly difficult to stop. Umm, he's very determined and active?

I can't remember what the status of his cradle cap/possible eczema was in the three month video. Aquaphor + hat keeps the scales away but his head still itches somewhat, so he's frequently greaser baby inna hat to try and keep him from scratching himself bloody.

Okay, you can tell I'm exhausted and strung out because I'm rambling. Teal deer: very active, happy, adorable and adoring child. Yay.

SteelyKid is now 3 3/4. She had a brief phase of social anxiety a month-ish? back ("none of my friends want to play with me," things like that), and may be currently growth spurting or having sibling-anxiety issues or something (she loves the Pip completely, but), because we've been getting a lot of "I caaaaan't" wailing for things she absolutely can, like, uh, chew her food. The frequency of meltdowns had gotten better since the last post about her in January until pretty recently, though, and on an absolute level probably still hasn't returned to the prior high. She can write her name and a bunch of letters (vague because our play at home involves writing words when she asks and not the whole alphabet). She went to the circus this past weekend and was super-impressed (also brought home a plastic sword that lights up; soon, we will be able to tell her that it means that Orcs are nearby). She can pedal her tricycle on her own now, which makes after-dinner walks in good weather much nicer. Umm. There are a ton of awesome stories from and about her in the links dump. Which, as it is 11:00 and I suspect the Pip is not going to have a good night, I should provide and then go to bed already:


G'night, everybody! (She likes Animaniacs, though sometimes runs away and then cautiously peeks back around the edge of the TV for loud moments, and obviously has no idea what's going on a lot of the time.)

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