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Korra S01E07, "The Aftermath"

Here, allow me to fix the principal instances of Stupid in this episode:

Instance One:

KORRA: What if this story about another factory is a trap?

LIN: Then we've got X highly trained metalbenders, a Master Airbender, the Avatar, and the knowledge that we're springing a trap on our side. I like those odds.


KORRA: Do you still like those odds?!

LIN: Okay, if I'd known about the giant robots, I'd have brought (additional resources) too!

Instance Two:

TENZIN: You can't give up!

LIN: I'm not giving up. I just don't have time to fight (councilor guy) for control while finding my officers. Let him deal with politics and the press while I focus on what's important.

Not that I am any good at all at dialogue, but you get the idea.

(I mean, "My way: outside the law"? Makes literally no sense. "The law" hasn't hindered her in the least, and if "her way" is "outside the law," then WTF was she ever doing as Chief of Police in the first place?)

Otherwise: the Sato-family plotline played out as I thought it would once it was clear that the dad was an Equalist, which may have been predictable but was still good from a character-development & story-balance perspective. (And "Not my Cabbage Corp!" is the best thing ever.) The other theory I see a lot and disagreed with just as much as "Asami is evil" is "Amon is chi-blocking not energybending," which theory seems to have taken a serious knock with probending-guy's report that all the healers he's been to say it's permanent—it would be way too risky for Amon to rely on chi blocking since it can also be unblocked. Which isn't to say Korra may not learn to undo it by energybending.

Anyway, go Asami (I loved her deciding it wasn't worth her time to argue Mako down and she'd just ignore him), go Lin doing the Toph sonar stomp, go plot movement (Sato must've not cared about being exposed if he actually caught them all, which suggests he thought they were close to an endgame).

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