Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

my pop culture brain is not always appropriate

For instance, the proper mental reaction to one's ten-year wedding anniversary is probably not having Jeremy Pivens in Grosse Pointe Blank yelling "TEN YEARS!" off and on in one's head all day. [*]

But in-between laughing at myself, it's been nice to have an arbitrary numerical signifier to give me a reason to remember how awesome our lives are, overall. Like a lot of people, it's sometimes easy for me to lose perspective from day to day, but seriously: happy. Warm fuzzy full-body-glow kind of happy, every time I remember it's our anniversary today.

In conclusion: TEN YEARS!

[*] I love that movie, though it's kind of hilarious that John Cusack et al. are supposed to be at their ten-year high school reunion in it. And oh look, the "meetings" exchange is on YouTube now, starting at 2:55 in. Seriously, I have arranged large parts of my life around the "No meetings. *blam blam blam*" principle. (That's from the end of the movie, so if you care about spoilers, spoilers.)

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