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Korra S01E08, "When Extremes Meet"

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, everybody!

And now, today's new episode of Legend of Korra.

Dude. DUDE. Stepped it up yet another notch. Whoosh.

I mean:

  1. On-screen, unequivocal, systemic, unjustifiable oppression of benders by nonbenders.
  2. Bloodbending. Wow that fight was brutal.
  3. Some kind of connection between Tarrlok and the events mumblety-flashback years ago?
  4. Tarrlok flipping his lid and kidnapping Korra!

*flails hands, only mentally, as I am typing with sleeping baby's head in the crook of my left elbow*

Flipped-out Tarrlok seemed to be drawn in a way that gave him a resemblance to courtroom guy, who was also bloodbending, I guess? I presume any family connection would be secret. I don't think he's in league with Amon, I interpreted the look on his face as anger at being compared to him not shock at Korra guessing correctly, but admittedly I'm biased since it would be a lot more interesting that way.

It's suboptimal that non-bender oppression comes to a crisis through a power-hungry madman's actions, but the lack of resistance among the police is enough for me right now to take it indicative of a broader problem, given the limits of the form.

Asami is awesome. Air kids are hilarious. Team Avatar's formation was unsubtle but welcome. Tenzin is adorable ("but you are the worst!"), though the words "due process" are incredibly out-of-place in his mouth.

I am super-excited for where this is going to go, now.

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