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At the end of the "school year" at SteelyKid's daycare, they do a little ceremony for the ages that might be/are going to camp (there or elsewhere) for the summer, where each class sings a little song. SteelyKid's been practicing this year's song and is super-proud of it, and yesterday we got her to sing it on-camera, directed at her brother.

(The first bit is cut off, but once you've heard a full verse you've heard it all; this is not a song with a surprise ending. Though you will miss our new pendulum clock (fully mechanical; we're not sure how old it is, it was Auntie's) bonging the hour around the time of the last verse.)

Also admire the face and body painting. From top to bottom, that's a crown on her forehead, a skull on her near cheek, a stylized kiss-lip-print on the cheek you can't see, three bracelet patterns on her near arm, and a classic heart-with-name-banner tattoo-pattern on her far arm. (The examples in the Klutz book said both "MOM" and "DAD"; when I asked her which she made an undecided face, so I said I could probably fit her name or her brother's. She chose hers.)

Those were all her choices alone, by the way.

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