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Korra S01E10, "Turning the Tides"

You know what Lin Beifong is, besides a stone cold badass?

She is a grownup, which apparently makes her sadly rare.

She is clearly the only one of the trio who is over the romantic history ("old friend", no embarrassment or pettiness) and just gets shit done. And since she is, officially, a "hero," I would like to think that she is supposed to be the model for the rest of the cast, though somehow I doubt it.

But anyway: is it horrible of me to want her to not regain her bending, stay Chief of Police, and recruit a whole lot of nonbenders? It would still be a backdoor and suboptimal way for nonbenders to gain ground, but it would at least have some character development with it, and it seems cynically more likely (both for the writers and the society).

In other news:

Could not believe how happy it made me to hear not!Zuko's voice! Wow nostalgia trip. Iroh looks pretty young, so probably a grandson? And a prodigy, to be a general. Man, now I feel like rewatching whatever hilariously awkward episode it was when Zuko joined Team Avatar.

Mako figuring out how to treat the tasers like lightning and bend them! Asami showing off her hand-to-hand skills! Korra using waterbending to good effect! Naga smacking down! AIR KIDS BEING AWESOME (unrealistically so, but I will take it for AWESOME)! Bolin . . . doing something useful, I imagine.

Dear writers, you mostly didn't show the labor so you didn't have much of an opportunity to get things wrong, but please stop showing people lying on their backs at full term; the uterus and contents weigh about 12-14 pounds then, and would you lie down with a bowling ball on your stomach? No you would not.

A Tiffany problem: Wikipedia tells me that Rohan is an actual name in Sanskrit and Hindi languages, but considering that this is made principally for an American audience, the " . . . is coming" association is very distracting.

Finally, is Korra being drawn with a more pointy, pixie-ish chin the last few episodes? I think so and I'm finding it very distracting.

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