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silver linings

So the film rights to Spider-man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four are all held by different studios than Marvel, and as to the first two, at least, there is no short-term prospect of the current studios giving up those rights. [*] While this deprives moviegoers of many potentially-amusing things (Peter Parker being science/engineering buddies with Tony and Bruce! Wolverine being a team player on a completely different team, really?), it does have this silver lining:

The Marvel movie-verse is too sparsely populated for the Civil War/Registration plot to make any sense.

(I also can't see movie!Tony going there, for whatever that's worth.)

So thank you, fragmented movie rights, from saving me from a plot where the government oppression of a minority group is really all about the epic and tragic platonic love of two straight white guys. Or from this particular iteration of that plot, anyway.

[*] I know nothing about the current state of the Fantastic Four movie-wise, [**] but I gather the prior two movies did reasonably well at the box office, though I can't figure why as I DVR'ed them back when I was on maternity leave and ended up getting through both in about a half hour total through heavy use of fast-forward, because they were that dull. Speaking of which: Avengers fandom that incorporates the larger Marvel comics-verse seems to pretty uniformly portray Reed Richards as a jerk. Canon or fanon?

[**] ETA: as discussed in comments, there is a reboot being developed.

Oh, and this made me mildly happier at 2:30 in the morning with a screaming baby, so I am entirely uninterested in speculation to the contrary.

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