Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

times when I am glad SteelyKid is ignorant of most pop culture

Yesterday over lunch SteelyKid told me that she had a monster in her stomach. This monster is named Allosaurus; I can't remember now if it was made of mac & cheese (what SteelyKid was having for lunch) or simply eating it, though at dinner it was making a pet out of toast, so that weighs toward "made of." Throughout the day we were informed of various other characteristics of this monster—it was a friendly monster [*]; it was going to be big then little then medium; it was going to be a daddy then a baby then a mommy—until, late afternoon, she told us that the monster in her stomach was going to come out later.

She has no idea why I immediately started laughing, and I'm glad, because a friendly variable-sized stomach monster named Allosaurus is something I'd not miss for all the Alien jokes in the world.

And this has been your "my family is awesome" moment for the day.

[*] Although, she also told us that it was going to eat the unicorn in the bathtub, so her idea of friendly may be a little skewed. (Orientation for summer day camp; one of her new counselors made her one of those folded-paper fortune-teller things, which according to her advised that we were going to find a unicorn in the bathtub. Also one in the shower which was going to be a different color from the one in the tub, so maybe they aren't rare in SteelyKid-land—well, why would they be? That's another piece of pop culture she doesn't know either.)

ETA: in further discussion this morning, SteelyKid referred to it as a "mac & cheese monster," so there you go.

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