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The Pip at 8+ months; SteelyKid at almost 4 years

The Pip was 8 months old on July 7. He has been super-busy in the last two-plus months.

First, on the subject of last update's angst about his weight: in mid-June he was 36th percentile for weight, 17 pounds 11 ounces (he'd gained a pound in a week, which is newborn-levels of absolute weight gain, though not proportional gain). So "feed as long as keeps opening mouth" is working.

He started sitting up on his own in early June (photographic proof!), pretty much all at once—we worked on it with SteelyKid but he was never interested until boom, he could sit pretty much as long as he wanted.

In the last couple of weeks he's started crawling (more photographic proof!), infantry-style without lifting his belly, but at a good clip. No pulling up yet, though he's working on it. And boinging is the best thing ever (video proof). He's another rollercoaster baby. Also, we are in the stage where peek-a-book is incredibly funny.

He got another tooth very shortly after his first one, at the time of the last post (both on the bottom), and none since. SteelyKid had eight teeth by this point, which amuses me as a minor point of extreme difference. His cradle cap went away a while ago, yay.

He and SteelyKid are still completely besotted with each other; he sometimes laughs just seeing her smile, which is more than he'll do for anyone else. It's pretty great. But then, he is a really sweet cheerful smiley baby who adores his family and likes people. Sometimes this can be a little suboptimal, like when he gets incredibly distracted during nursing by Chad or SteelyKid, but on the whole it's a delight.

SteelyKid will be four on August 7. The changes are less rapid at this age but she did hit a milestone since last post.

Specifically, she decided it was time to be toilet-trained at the start of her summer camp in mid-June, when it was required to go in the big-kid pool. She loves the water and her lessons and is well on her way to swimming on her own; she's cheerfully putting her head in water and blowing bubbles and propelling herself using a pool noodle. I'm really glad that she's getting such a good grounding, as I can't swim at all and have always vaguely regretted it.

Her current favorite things are markers and paper and tape and string, in various combinations. She will spend ridiculous quantities of time tying knots in string or printing letters on paper and then wrapping it around whatever's to hand.

Today I put staples in a "book" of two folded paper she made at camp and she "read" it to me; it was a story about how her main counselor came into the classroom and found it empty, then went home and found all the kids in her bedroom because they'd slept there, and she was really surprised. This is a fairly non-surreal story for her. I love her imagination. People with more experience with kids than me keep saying it's remarkable, which surprises me a little, honestly, because I remember childhood as being all about the hazy non-barriers between reality and make-believe. But it may be that she's just really good at articulating this.

This is not doing her justice, but the Pip is pretty soundly asleep now so I should scoop him off my lap, post this, and then do some work. There are not many picture links since last time, since Chad's on a blogging hiatus:

And then some I posted to G+ today, because I just kept not uploading them to steelypips.org but most were in my email with a little "share" link next to them:

Go ahead and ask questions if you want, it'll prompt my memory, but as always, no unsolicited advice.

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