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The more I think about Marvel's announced slate of forthcoming superhero movies, the more unhappy faces I make. (My prior thoughts, on the announced sequels. Well, on two of them, as I continue to not care about Thor.)

Anyway. No Hulk, no Black Widow, no Nick Fury—all of which would seem logical and welcome post-Avengers. No Black Panther (as rumored); no Luke Cage or Captain Marvel (to tie into later ensemble Avengers movies).

Instead, another white dude (was anyone actually longing after an Ant Man movie?) and . . . a raccoon. As part of a five-individual team that, again, has just one female. About which team even io9 doesn't expect its readership to know anything about (see: Who the heck are the Guardians of the Galaxy, the stars of Marvel’s strangest new movie?). I mean. Seriously?

I didn't actually like any of Marvel's current run of superhero movies before Captain America, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. But I did like Captain America and The Avengers, which show that they are capable of putting out reasonably coherent, character-focused movies about non-jerks. I don't think it's unreasonable to want more like that, only less claustrophobically focused on white dudes. I just can't decide if this new slate is such a clear statement that I'm not going to get it that I should simply root for them being, as the AV Club put it, "the comic-book breaking point where the world realizes it's now watching a talking raccoon and a giant tree battle aliens, and staggers out of the theater in search of the nearest bleak arthouse drama," and hope the fallout makes room for better things to come.

In conclusion: (1) Natasha fic recs soon, honest; (2) ugh.

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