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scenes from a birthday party

SteelyKid will be four on Tuesday, and we had a party for her at the house today. Most of the pictures of her have other kids in them, so I'm not posting them, but behind the cut we have some of the Pip standing and of her enjoying her frosting (cake optional). These are ones Chad's mom took with my camera; Chad took more that I will point to when he uploads them.

Edit: and here they are.

SteelyKid likes frosting (and has it on her cheek):

SteelyKid scooping up frosting

Despite the image name, I think she's licking frosting off one of the cake decorations here:

SteelyKid licking frosting

And here are a couple of me holding the Pip as he stands up outside:

The Pip looking at camera

The Pip looking at me

And one hilarious face, that I think is really squinting in the sun, but still:

The Pip judges you.

The party went very well—we rented a bouncy house thing with a sprinkler system, which since it was 8 million degrees today worked out particularly well, there was more than enough food, no-one had a melt-down, and everyone went home gracefully. Thanks to all who came.

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