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Misfits (TV)

Has anyone seen the British show Misfits, about a bunch of teenagers doing community service who get struck by lightning and gain supernatural abilities? I have just seen the first episode (it's been airing on Logo TV and I DVR'ed it after seeing a blurb somewhere) and I have a question:

I am super-uncomfortable about the pretty black girl's ability being that when men (people?) touch her, they become overwhelmed with lust. Super, super uncomfortable. Of the other kids whose abilities have been revealed, they seem to have pluses and minuses (invisibility, overhearing thoughts, rewinding time (? this is how it was described, but I didn't see any reason it couldn't be precognition)); I'm not sure if the counselor's murderous rage [*] is supposed to have been caused by the lightning or not. But not this, or, ugh, it better not be portrayed as useful.

And these seem to be supposed to be thematic somehow—made explicit by the ex-track-star rewinding a clip of his winning a race—which makes it even worse. Is there any possible way that this isn't grindingly awful?

[*] Also: show, don't think I haven't noticed that you have three black characters in the pilot and he's one of them. (The third is the ex-track-star.)

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