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I would like there to be fewer things in this post

Some things I've been wanting to post about, on a theme. (Alas.)

First: What fairy tale [*] would you eradicate from existence, given the opportunity?

I would pick Beauty and the Beast, and indeed I have managed to dissuade SteelyKid from asking for it, because that is a really harmful bedrock assumption to have about the way people and relationships work. Possibly a maximally harmful one, at least of the big-name fairy tales. ("Cheaters win," or perhaps more precisely "it's okay to cheat funny-looking people" (Rumpelstiltskin, the Frog Prince) is also bad but less so, I think.)

(This thought brought to you by [personal profile] metaphortunate's insightful post on 50 Shades of Grey and female fantasies.)

[*] In the Brothers Grimm/bedtime story sense, please, not in the smart-ass "religion!1!!" sense (or whatever). Not that that's very likely from y'all, but still.

Second: I commend to your attention this Captain Awkward followup post on creepiness and the posts linked therein. (I hadn't linked to the precipitating posts because I couldn't think of anything to say beyond "these make me so angry that the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up," but you should read those too, to the extent consistent with your own well-being.) Lots of good concrete advice for the creeped-upon and for people who don't want to be creepy (including that it's their job to do something about it, it's not the responsibility of women to fix them, with their magical spell-breaking love or otherwise). Of course nothing will reach creepers who are doing it on purpose, but at least this may reduce the plausibility of their "but no-one ever told me not to touch strangers!" excuses, as well as demonstrating the importance of community standards and support in reducing the acceptability and prevalence of creepiness.

Third: speaking of which, Readercon's Board resigned and the concomm issued this quite good statement of the con's change of position. I am still very angry at the former Board for failing to do its job in the first place and making the concomm go through all that extra work and angst, however.

Fourth: a while ago [personal profile] deepad had a post on words you wished were mainstream. I didn't have any at the time, but gradually I have discovered that I want the ones where just pointing and saying, "fucking (thing)," is self-explanatory. As you can tell from this post, I have been wanting to point and say "fucking rape culture" a lot lately.

(Other candidates: manpain, heteronormativity, slut-shaming, white privilege. I am not sure why these are so much more about sexism than racism; am I missing obvious terms or having a failure of cluefulness?)

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