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Face Off

Does anyone but me and [personal profile] leighdb watch this SyFy reality show about a special effects makeup artists competition?

Spoilers for this week's season opener (online):

Dude just walking out before judging was over was really not what I was expecting. But thinking about it, they all know what the shape of the show is like [*], and I can kinda see not wanting however many real-time weeks of being the designated bad guy, or at least focal point of conflict, especially if you clearly think you are above working with less-experienced people, not to mention having that amplified and dragged out in the editing and airing. (In the first two seasons it took a lot longer for these kinds of conflicts to arise.) I mean, even allowing for editing he's mostly likely still an ass, but I can sorta see what his thought processes might've been.

(Hee, I wonder if he comes back for the finale?)

[*] Well, maybe not departed-dude's partner, who seems to have not realized that the judges just will never be impressed by an attempt to defend yourself at the expense of your partner. Maybe he didn't watch S2. Or possibly S1, I think it was a thing there too.

Also, Ian's (one of S2's finalists) girlfriend is on, huh? I think it's a sign of my inability to be emotionally detached from TV when I was all "oh hi Ian!" when I saw him. Silly; his work wasn't even my favorite.

Finally: artists, the trend of seeing African-American models and automatically doing "voodoo," "tribal," or animal-based makeups needs to stop.

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