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last three weeks of Face Off

(The SyFy reality series that's a makeup artist competition.)

The one with superheroes, sidekicks, and cars:

Awful racism part one: a paralyzed super-genius who mind-controls his driver/muscle; guess the respective races?

And then the guy responsible for doing the prosthetic for the SLAVE forgets that he's got dark skin and fails to color the silicone, so he has paint it by hand. At least he was eliminated, though no-one calls either of them on the intense awfulness of their design—and they could have phrased it as a cliche and boring if they didn't want to be controversial.

Also, Alana is really getting by on some big help from others: in an early episode she had several people help her with molds; she cut her hand the time she was paired with Laura and Laura did basically all the sculpting; she needed Roy's help to get her ears to stand up in the zombie Alice challenge; and this episode, it was Roy's design, and though she did contribute I was surprised that she was the winner. This is going to catch up with her one of these days.

The one with the distorted video game characters:

Awful racism part two: vanishing the eyes of an Asian guy and giving him a Fu Manchu mustache? Again, this contestant was the one eliminated, but again, no-one mentioned anything negative about the design itself.

(This ep also had the winner "ethnicity swap" his character, but since he took a black guy and made him into a much-lighter-skinned thug, well, it's better than the reverse. I don't know what order they picked models, though I'd rather the black model did not have his ethnicity erased in some less awful context.)

The one with kids' drawings:

I hate that they had the old contestants there to win their way back on; it felt very gimmick-y. Guy who walked off in ep 1 was not there; I wonder what they'll do at the finale, which the past two seasons has had the old contestants divided up to help the finalists, now that they have uneven numbers.

FINALLY Laura wins one! She always does very clean complete characters, and I am totally rooting for her. And I loved her green monster.

Rod seems like a nice guy and has technical skills but not only does he always do the same character but they basically all look rather like him, so really I'm not sorry to see him go.

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