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Launched today, a browser-based interactive fiction game called Winterstrike by [personal profile] yhlee! It is a planetary romance with the tagline, "A winter-locked city. Cold guns. Starship carcasses. And now, you."

I got to beta this and I loved it. A quick note on game mechanics: once you get through the opening cards, getting cards from the deck (up top) or playing a pinned card (at the bottom) uses an action. Playing cards from your hand (the middle) does not use an action. [*] As you increase your stats and get to know different factions, more pinned cards will appear and guide you through the stages of the game.

[*] Though I see from the launch post that the game has been deliberately set up with a very large action bank but a slower turn rate, meaning that you can play for larger chunks of time spaced further apart: "we’re experimenting, and we think Yoon’s prose is best savoured."

I'm not sure how long the game would take with this newer setup—the refresh rate was very fast when I played, for beta-testing purposes—but it's a tidy manageable size, and complete, too. It's got great worldbuilding and lovely chilly atmosphere and choices that make big differences. And it's free, so go play! (The for-pay options speed things up, basically.) I'm looking forward to replaying it myself and admiring the little tweaks since I last play-tested.

(Oh, and because the platform it's built on is being rolled out in stages, there are occasionally some cards that don't have art yet; this is being addressed right now and the story is fully polished, never fear.)

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