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if you need distractions

Here are something things to read that I have enjoyed over the last couple of days:

Why Great Sign Language Interpreters Are So Animated. Terrific detailed article about ASL as a visual language. The things languages do to convey meaning are so cool.

Lowering the Bar on Susan B. Anthony's arrest for voting.

Here are two things I did not know until recently:

  • Susan B. Anthony was actually arrested, tried, and convicted of the crime of voting while female.
  • The "B" stood for "badass."

Buddy Comedies, Bad Novellas, and Battling Graduate Degrees. Grantland's monthly breakdown of the New York Times weddings section is particularly good this month:

I thought of #NaNoWriMoOpeners while reading through all of October's featured "Vows" columns, all of which had opening lines worthy of landmark literature. And so here they are, in no particular order, with some suggestions for novice (or experienced!) novelists as to where the story could take off from there.

The AV Club is re-reading The Sandman; here's their discussion of Season of Mists, with links to prior installments on the right.

Me, I have a brief to write hunt-and-peck style while the Pip sleeps poorly on my lap and left arm, which is a reasonable enough distraction.

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