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30 days of gratitude, day 7 / The Pip at one year

Things I am grateful for (or that, depending on the phrasing), daily during November.

  1. SteelyKid's immune system has, sometime when we weren't looking, matured enough that she no longer gets every cold that goes around daycare. Her getting sick is much rarer these days.
  2. I have awesome co-workers who are smart, enthusiastic, and generous.
  3. Babysitters. =>
  4. Chad's parents, who I get along with so well and who are so generous to our family.
  5. I've weaned the Pip to the point where he's only nursing twice every twenty-four hours, which means NO MORE PUMPING.
  6. It's ten to twelve and all the TV networks plus the AP have called it for Obama, without relying on Florida—so I get to be grateful for both the content and the timing of the news.

  1. No need to wait until the end of the day for this: the Pip is one today. Happy Birthday, buddy!

The Pip at one:

Not quite walking to the exclusion of all else, but easily stands on his own now (straightening from hands and feet both flat on the floor, not from a crouch) and prefers to walk the majority of the time. Oddly at about the same time he started walking he also started belly-up crawling; I'd expected he'd just skip that. He still occasionally does the infantry crawl as well, and has discovered that he can go backward really fast in that position.

We may need to rethink the view that he's an easygoing little dude, though. Tonight he was wailing his head off at the dinner table, and I could not figure out what was wrong until I realized that he was desperately reaching for the bag of pretzels on the table. Sure enough, as soon as I handed him some he calmed right down. (Did it again when he saw I had grilled chicken on my plate, too.) He is also not afraid to express his opinion when he doesn't want to be lying down and holding still for a diaper change, and I really wish he would be, because I'm going to have to start changing him on the floor for his own safety if this keeps up.

As I mentioned the other day, we're transitioning him to (rice) milk with meals. He's taking that fine and I look forward to fully weaning him by the weekend before Thanksgiving, when we are doing turkey dinner with our folks here, so I can have butter and cheese and other delicious dairy-based products.

No recognizable words yet, lots of purposeful babbling. Seven teeth. (ETA: later that day he cut his fourth bottom tooth.) Sleep variable depending on overall health and how whatever-he's-eaten is agreeing with him; good days include being able to soothe him back to sleep in his crib without picking him up, so I have hopes that things will improve. Surprisingly tolerant of wearing gloves this morning. Still very sociable and sweet.

He has a physical on Friday so I'll update with height and weight then.

ETA: OMG HUGE. Weight: 25 pounds 14 ounces, 96th percentile; height: 31", 89th percentile; head circumference: 48.25 cm, 95th percentile.

Morning ETA: Chad has a couple of pictures.

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