Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

something that has been making me irrationally angry

And so perhaps if I say it, it will stop bothering me.

I say "irrationally" here only because I have not seen Skyfall and do not intend to, so have not witnessed the things that are making me angry about it.

But I'd been kind of looking forward to it—the commercials looked satisfyingly whizz-bang, and Ben Whishaw stole Cloud Atlas as far as I was concerned and seems kind of adorable as Q in the trailer/clips—until I read [Bad username: abigail_n.livejournal.com]'s review that, among other things, calls out a really loathsome sexual encounter. That by itself was enough to have me say "no thank you," and then later I registered her statement that "by the end of the film every one of its female characters has either been killed or relegated to the secretarial pool."

And I said "oh hell no they did not fridge M."

And of course they did. (And replaced her with a white guy. Of course.)

Which is the bit I am most irrationally angry about—I haven't seen it, I have no idea how it's handled, but regardless I reject the idea so thoroughly that words kind of fail me.

The bit that I am next most irrationally angry about is encapsulated by this AV Club "Spoiler Space" companion post to its review, which says:

But part of me thinks both developments also set back the role of women in the series quite a bit. . . .It almost seems like Skyfall wants to turn back the clock in terms of the roles played by women, too.

The grade the (male) reviewer gave to the movie in his review proper? A minus.

Whatever. As far as I'm concerned, Margaret (Peggy) Carter has just faked her death after a long and kick-ass career in British intelligence and is retiring to New York now that Steve Rogers has been defrosted.

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