Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

current/former Fallen London players?

Do any of you have Watchful 30 and are not yet Seeking Mr Eaten's Name? [Edit: with an account that's linked to Twitter or FB, even if you now log in with an email address?] I'd like to send an invite to such a person—it will increase your Nightmares (of course I'd be happy to help you reduce them) and give you Seeking Mr Eaten's Name, which I believe you can thereafter ignore if you don't actually want to pursue it, or you can use cards to remove it at a cost. Of course if you're not actually playing any more, it doesn't matter . . .

(We are promised Bad Things will happen in the quest, but heck, it's a game and I'm curious, and I need to recruit other people to the madness to progress.)

Let me know what your Twitter handle or game name is. Thanks.

Edit: reports are that I shall need to send such invites to multiple (more) people, so feel free to keep commenting.

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