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hasty link blogging

Because I miss you all but this has to do until I knock off some more work and can talk about Arisia and various other things. (Some of these were previously posted to G+.)

The NFL's Response to Brain Trauma: A Brief History—for the person I met at Arisia who said that they felt like football was the most problematic thing they were a fan of at the moment. Which I may well agree with, even if they were a Ravens fan.

The Many Lives of Donald Westlake—an appreciation of one of my favorite writers. Go read the Dortmunder books!

Music to influence kids’ tastes—because this is the kind of thing we think about at Chateau Steelypips.

The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist—"It wasn’t just about syrup, or money. It was a miniature Canadian Cold War."

In other news, SteelyKid lost her first tooth yesterday (!), the Pip has us reading Hippos Go Beserk a minimum of four times a day, and Chad and I are snowed under with work. Back to it.

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