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words and deeds love meme, v.2!

The words and deeds love meme I linked yesterday has closed, so here is version 2.0, second verse, same as the first!

Adapting [personal profile] staranise's terrific how-this-works:

  1. Leave a comment with your, or anyone else's, username(s) in the subject and body. Self-nomination and anon nomination are all fine. If you don't want to be nominated or you want your nomination taken down, just let me know in a comment or in email (knepveu@steelypips.org).
  2. Once someone has a comment thread about them, reply and tell them about something they've said, done, or made that you liked. A kind word, a signalboost, a drawing, a story, a helpful post. This can be short or long. You can just name or link to something, or go into more detail.
  3. Sit back and enjoy how much the people here are making the world a better place in little, tiny ways. They're filling it with art and honesty. They're doing things that are beautiful and kind. It may not fix the world--what does?--and it doesn't mean they're perfect. It just means they're trying, and you noticed.
  4. Play nice.
  5. Anon comments are screened; captcha is temporarily off. Anonymity is optional.
  6. I will be online regularly except for Saturday afternoon and Sunday during the day, when my access will be intermittent; I thought about waiting until Monday, but let's keep momentum going. (Eastern/GMT -5 time, but frequently awake in wee hours as well.)
  7. Point people to your thread! It is 100% okay to let people know when they have an opportunity to be kind to you.

Here is the index for the prior iteration (and now being updated for this version!), by the estimable [personal profile] jjhunter; perhaps there's someone there you meant to comment regarding?

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