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raffle advice?

So I'm thinking of additional ways to raise money for Con or Bust, because the auction is going well but not smashingly (ends tonight! Check it out!), and one thing that occurred to me was a raffle at WisCon (and maybe Readercon, but first things first). So I've just sent in a request for a dealer's table. We'll see if there's space left and if a raffle is okay. Assuming both are good--

I think I have a decent idea about most of the logistics [*] except kind of the most important one, which is getting stuff to raffle.

Because so many people fly to WisCon, the enormous baskets that Operation Hammond was raffling at Arisia don't seem like a good idea. Ideally we're talking small but shiny. But I don't want to impose on people who've already donated stuff to the auction and I don't know how you approach big companies for stuff. I'm going to see if Tempest can talk, but anyone else have experience?

My wish list, based on thinking over spare moments during the last few days:

  • Tablets. iPad, iPad mini, Nexus 10, Nexus 7. This is the most pie-in-the-sky item, because they're expensive and almost certainly would have to come from big companies, but boy would they be a draw.
  • eReaders. Nook, Kindle (Sony, Kobo?). Same as above.
  • Gift certificates. Books: local bookstore Room of One's Own, Book View Cafe, Amazon, B&N. Food (Omaha Steaks? What other fancy places do mail order?)? Zappo's (shoes)?
  • Small packages of quality candy (local?).
  • Jewelry? Maybe not, there will be a lot of that already there.
  • . . . what else?

Anyway. What am I overlooking, is this a horrible idea, does anyone have suggestions? (Please don't contact anyone yet, because if there's no table space then it's a moot point, but I want to get ready to move in case there is.)

[*] I'll bring the netbook and have a spreadsheet set up ahead of time with ticket numbers, and put people's phone #s on the spreadsheet, so there's no question about handwriting, and also ask them if they'll be around Sunday night for the GoH speeches, which is when I'll do the drawing and hand stuff out after. When I've got programming I'll see if a friend can cover the table; I'll also bring the whole shebang to the Carl Brandon party. I'll also have T-shirts for sale. I don't think I can take credit cards, or that the CBS can, but I can have people open up private browsing tabs for PayPal right there, or ask them to use their own computer, include a note, and then come get their tickets/T-shirts. comment count unavailable comment(s) | add comment (how-to) | link

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