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PSA: The Bourne Supremacy

I've seen at least one early review that contains what I consider to be a major spoiler for The Bourne Supremacy, which opens tomorrow—it's not the ending, but it's something I wouldn't have wanted to know before watching it. I hereby offer to pre-screen reviews for the nervous, since I've been spoiled: feel free to leave URLs in comments.

(Yes, I'm having a weird life lately, why do you ask?)


I'll take one. I'm such a wuss I won't go see any movie, even the g-rated ones, without knowing the ending and any nasty stuff to brace for.

Oh! You *want* to be spoiled? I was offering to tell people which reviews were spoiler-free, at least for this bit that isn't the ending but is still a spoiler.

I can do that, though. This won't make any sense if you haven't seen the first, but cut & paste it into :

(those of you who can automatically decrypt rot13, look away now)

gur nffnffva cynlrq ol xney heona (jub jnf rbzre) xvyyf znevr va gur svefg guvegl zvahgrf bs gur zbivr

(Deleted comment)
You surprise me greatly--I didn't think the previews so much as hinted in this direction, which is partly why I so was displeased at the spoiler.

(Deleted comment)
Hmmmph. ROT13 it or e-mail it, else you shall be derided when you claim to be right.

(Deleted comment)
Crap, maybe I shouldn't have bothered offering, if people think it's that obvious.

I forget how many reviews I have watched or read. One said there was a twist 15 minutes into the movie, but was scrupulous about not revealing it. I think this was Ebert and Roeper, and that in this same review, there were clips that revealed that my suspicion that Bourne was
cbvag naq pyvpx jnf pbeerpg: nabgure vagryyvtrapr ntrapl vf frggvat uvz hc gb gnxr eriratr.

(Deleted comment)
Well, anyway, I hope the movie doesn't suck, because I'm looking forward to seeing it Saturday.

More rot13:

boivbhfyl V unqa'g gubhtug bs gung, ohg vs V qvq V jbhyq unir gubhtug gung ur'q whfg frafvoyl fgnfurq ure fbzrjurer yvxr gur va gur svefg zbivr, juvpu cybg cbvag V ernyyl yvxrq, ol gur jnl.

(Deleted comment)
What can I say? You're much better at this than I am.

Thank you!

that cypher thing was extremely cool, by the way.

It's the best compromise I can think of for spoiler protection on LJ, at least in comments. Glad you liked.