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The Sad Book

Some time ago, SteelyKid apparently made a Sad Book at preschool, but I hadn't seen it until she brought it home today.

It is several full-sized pages, stapled together, and on every page is a pencil drawing of—well, see for yourself:

a pencil drawing of one stick figure hitting another

[Image: a pencil drawing of one stick figure hitting another]

Except for slight variations on relative sizes and positioning, every page is the same: an evilly-grinning person hitting a very sad person, inside a page border and over lines of "writing."

She wanted to read this at bedtime tonight, and for each page she earnestly explained to me what was happening, which was about evenly split between "the bad guy" doing something wrong (alas, my effort to get her default person to be female has failed miserably) or something her classmate B. did [*]. Unfortunately by the sixth or seventh page I'm afraid I could no longer keep a straight face, because the succession of evil eyebrows was really just too much for me. She doesn't seem to have been upset by my failure to take things seriously, though.

[*] I have seen her and B. play and they seem to get along just fine; we asked her teacher about it one time and she said that SteelyKid, B., and another kid have just been in the same classes for so long that they "fight like siblings," flashing in and out of arguments quick as anything. (I can't remember now if SteelyKid and B. were in the infant room together, but I still cherish the memory of dropping SteelyKid off there and immediately seeing her and the third kid start playing peek-a-boo around the nursery rocking chair. They were thirteen or fourteen months old at the time.)

Anyway. That's the Sad Book, and I really could not resist sharing.

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