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drive-by picture books recs

Because I can hear Chad reading SteelyKid one of these from the other room, or at least I could when I started this post.

SteelyKid has been on a kick where she wants bedtime stories that are shiny, that is, have one of the Caldecott Medals embossed on their covers. As we tend to take the dust jackets off her books, this can be a little tricky, but last night she and I hit a really good set, all of which I recommend:

Tuesday by David Wiesner, a nearly-wordless book about a Tuesday night when frogs start flying on lily pads. (We also really like his wordless Flotsam and delightfully-meta The Three Pigs).

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems, which is great energetic fun. (The Pigeon is in a bunch of books and has a cameo in the also-awesome Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.)

(I was given a T-shirt that says "I have dreams, you know!" and I was so, so sad that it is too small. One day I will replace it.)

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein, which out of a batch of adorable fun books is perhaps my favorite to read, because the interrupting chicken is so sweet and her long-suffering papa is so long-suffering, and also because I love anyone who interrupts "Little Red Riding Hood" with "Out jumped a little red chicken, and she said, 'Don't talk to strangers!' So Little Red Riding Hood didn't. The end!"

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