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Week in Review

It was the kind of week where I kept saying, "Isn't it the weekend yet?" And then it was the weekend, and Chad went away to hang out with his guys from college (coming back with a new-to-me description of "beginning to try to get pregnant": "pulling the goalie"), and I ran some errands and had a nice lunch and went to see The Bourne Supremacy, which I had been greatly looking forward to.

Boy, those reviews that said, people prone to motion sickness beware? I kind of discounted them, but they were not exaggerating. By ten minutes in, I had a near-blinding headache and a deeply unhappy stomach. My opinion of the movie is colored accordingly: the sequences where normally I would have been leaning forward, eyes wide, were the ones where I was leaning back, squinting, trying not to get any sicker. Interestingly, I did not have any trouble following what was going on; I didn't recognize Marton Csokas (aka Celeborn the dopey) when he appeared (he was the guy with the house), but I don't think I would have regardless.

So my adrenaline wasn't as involved with this one as the last, because I was really very sick. My emotions weren't quite as involved, because I'd been spoiled about something that, I think, I would have found very shocking unspoiled. But Matt Damon is very good in the role, and I do care about what happens to his character: his dilemmas are none the less real for being understated (which I also appreciate). Also, I enjoy the cleverness of the movie, the improvisational intellect that Bourne displays. My fondness for non-gory non-stupid action movies isn't so far from my fondness for caper movies; they both tend to have puzzles and a reasonably enjoyable level of tension.

Another reason I like this series so far, and why I'm looking forward to the third (though I would be very happy if they'd get back the director of the first), is that to some degree it's about the consequences of violence. I don't want to push this too far, because yeah, one of the reasons I go to see action movies is for cool car chases and fight scenes, but the plots of these movies truly are driven by the negative consequences of violence, and acknowledge its ramifications for the violent and the victims.

Anyway, if jumpy cameras don't make you sick, definitely see it. Rent the first regardless.

For interesting and highly spoilery discussion, see veejane's post on the movie.

I also cooked food Chad doesn't like this weekend, scallops; there are a few things I'd do differently if I did it again, but the main thing is not to put them in risotto, because the textures don't really work together. And I booklogged up a storm, starting with a rave for 1crowdedhour's A Scholar of Magics, and am going to finish a post on the 2004 Hugo nominees for novel, after I do a silly meme about what's in my purse, because I just got a new one in my errands of the weekend. From front to back:

  • pocket Moleskine notebook (recently purchased as an experiment for to-do and shopping lists, con reports, trip notes, books-wanted lists, etc.)
  • retractable pen
  • tube of Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer (never go anywhere without)
  • glasses case with sunglasses
  • keys
  • wallet
  • cell phone with headset
  • iPod case, empty (I broke down and ordered a new iPod last Monday, after Chad got sick of my dithering—with the price cut and the government employee discount I could justify it to myself; however, it shipped yesterday from China on the free, i.e. slow, track. The case is in my purse because I wanted to make sure it would all fit and didn't bother to take it out.)
  • couple of business cards, some coupons of an inconvenient size
  • weekly appointment book (for work, mostly)
  • Kate Ross, Whom The Gods Love, which is quite good so far

Fascinating, innit?

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