Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Boston Marathon

I went to college at Northeastern and when I was in town during April, I used to go over to Comm Ave near the Mass Ave intersection (pretty close to the finish line, but not so close that it was crowded early) and hang out on the grassy median, listen on the radio, climb up on the large concrete lamppost bases until runners started coming through, and basically just enjoy spring and cheer everyone on. I was there the year Uta Pippig won it while sick, I looked for the Hoyts, I would stay for the non-elite runners and cheer people with creative T-shirts and anyone who looked tired. It made me happy and every year since that I haven't been in Boston I've missed it. I'm glad that so far the death toll is very low but of course it can't help but be distressing, both the bombs themselves and, depressingly, the fear of overreaction and poor decisionmaking in response.

And now, to wash dishes and resolutely not look at pictures or read more, because it doesn't help anything.

Edit: a post from a runner: In praise of Boston.

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