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Farscape S01E02-E03, "I, E.T." & "Exodus from Genesis"

I finally got through being stuck halfway through the second Farscape episode! And watched another!

"I, E.T."

The one where they crash-land on a planet because there's a Peacekeeper beacon on Moya, and Crichton gets to be Agent K at a local astronomer.

For a while I thought I was stuck on "I, E.T." during a conversation between the local astronomer and Crichton because it was tripping my embarassment squick, but I eventually decided that the locals' elongated cheeks pulling back into ears were giving me an uncanny valley issue.

Anyway. I largely agree with the AV Club that there wasn't enough plot in this episode, but you know, once I picked it up again, it was okay.

"Exodus from Genesis"

The one where GIANT FUCKING BUGS invade Moya to reproduce, with body doubles and heatstroke and last-minute Peacekeepers to gaslight.

From one meh episode to an episode with GIANT FUCKING BUGS, wooo!

That said, and even though it was another Rygel-in-the-walls episode, this was much better: way more stuff happening, both character and plot-wise. I'm watching this on my netbook, so the special effects issues that the AV Club noted in the above link didn't bother me. I got a bit of a Crichton-being-awfully-special vibe at some point, I can't remember when exactly now, but I'll accept that provisionally since he's the audience's surrogate right now. If it wasn't for the GIANT FUCKING BUGS I'd say I liked this one quite a lot.

Anyway. Not as excited about this as Elementary, but I am interested in the characters and perfectly happy to watch more.

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