Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Things I did this week:

  • Went to a hearing on whether one attorney had agreed to accept service of legal papers on behalf of her clients with a second attorney. (I'm the third attorney in the case, and had nothing to add, as I had no information on what they did or did not agree to. But I do represent other parties in the case, so I was there.)

    (The judge found that there was an agreement and therefore service was proper. That objection having been dealt with, we will now get a decision on the merits. Sometime. And I really want to win this case. Did I mention I hate waiting?)

  • Semi-won my first federal motion (as distinct from my first federal trial, or the various state decisions I've had). Our motion to dismiss the complaint was referred to a magistrate judge, who issued a Report-Recommendation, and the actual judge on the case decides whether to adopt the Report-Rec. or not. It's a time-saving device. This was the very first motion to dismiss I ever did at the office, and even though it was an incredibly laborious process, because I basically knew nothing, I'm still fond of it.
  • Semi-watched a lot of basketball. Go Syracuse!
  • Updated the book log and the Nethack pages. Go me!
  • Worked on refinishing the built-in bookcases. Yay, Dremel tool.
  • Watched the snow. Boo, snow.

Things I learned, or was reminded of, this week:

  • I have a whole cluster of gray hairs just to the left of my widow's peak.
  • Picking out gray hairs is an annoying and time-consuming process.
  • The last half-hour (at least) of High Noon is pretty darn cool.
  • A skirt that comes to the bottom of the kneecap, combined with sensible heels, does nice things for the appearance of one's calves.
  • Never ever ever ask a question that begins with "Why" on cross-examination.
  • Never ever ever play games with a judge or a judge's staff.
  • Chicken fricassee isn't anything like what I thought, but is really tasty.
  • Chad gets silly when he is cooped up with a cold.
  • I've spent too much time in certain areas of fandom/LJ when the only word I can think of to describe someone's LJ behavior is "t00b."
  • If you look outside and say, "Oh, it's stopped drizzling," and therefore go to the grocery store without a jacket, you will be caught in a—pardon the language, but—torrential fucking downpour when it comes time to put your groceries in car.
  • I'm in a very strange mood tonight and really should go to bed.
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