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Elementary (SPOILERS)

Spoilers for last week's Elementary ("Risk Management") and tonight's two-part season finale (which Wikipedia tells me is "The Woman" and "Heroine", but which Twitter tells me was shot as one thing).

First, "Risk Management", written before tonight's episodes:

I am afraid I was distracted by the characters all taking it as an axiom that you always and forever remember with complete accuracy the face of someone you saw once briefly under very high-stress circumstances. Unless major breakthroughs have been made in the dozen years since I took a class in law school on how innocent people get convicted, that is rather the focus of considerable debate, research, and controversy.

But otherwise I liked it. The structural stuff danced on the edge of being too cute, but it was tense at the time. I was fascinated to read the AV Club's review and discover that people found it ambiguous whether Irene was literally physically present, because I just assumed that the reveal was that she was still alive. I guess I will find out in a few hours! Also, Joan taking no shit in multiple ways and, ahem, solving the case, and just the two of them being adorable (my favorite was when he was flicking the light in her eyes and then said "Oh good, you're awake" like he had nothing to do with it).

And now, SPOILERS for tonight:


I had a whole quasi-live-blog written, in commercials when I was supposed to be cleaning the house, and how I was conflicted and how it was good that she was competent and not a victim, but I really didn't know about conflating the two roles, and she was hot when she got out the hilarious quasi-military outfit she shot what's-his-face in and got rid of her fake American accent, but then the ending:

This is the same thing the BBC show fell into, that she LOSES because she's IN LOVE WITH SHERLOCK.

No, no, no! Irene WINS because she's NOT IN LOVE WITH SHERLOCK. He doesn't matter to her, she's got her own life to live and he's just a bump in her road.

Yes, fine, it's better that it's mutual, the love and the mistake, and I am really really relieved that the Joan telling him to let her win was a fakeout because it made no sense, though I think it was a pretty clumsy one (aside: they've just taken relapse off the table completely, I think, if he didn't then), but still: Irene wins because not everything is about Sherlock.

Ugh, the show has been doing so well on this up to this point too.

I am pretty fucking disappointed. Will I watch next season? Probably, yes, because I do love their partnership, but I am much less trusting in what they do with other things.

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