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I was in a ferociously bad mood over not-very-major things [*] a little bit ago and set about trying to fix that with a comfort snack and something nice on the Internet. And I said, oh hey, it's a new month, it's time to catch up with Gunnerkrigg Court! (I can't read it a page at a time so I try to catch up monthly.)

That did the trick. I so like (mild spoiler for chapter 42) that Andrew is really good as the court medium; obviously there were other considerations going into his appointment, but it's nice that the quality of the work won't suffer as a result, and that the kids aren't competitive about it.

Also, though this is not comforting in the least, it is rather interesting so far: Black Crown Project, a new browser-based game from the Fallen London folks that is kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure horror novel—fittingly, as it was commissioned by Random House from a debut writer. It's free to play but you can speed things up with micropayments (I saw in an article that the game folks estimate that taking all the shortcuts would amount to about ten bucks). I'm actually kind of liking the current pace, however: you accumulate a maximum of twenty actions, with a new one every twenty minutes, so you stop in two or three times a day for a concentrated dose of extreme weirdness and then close the "book" for a while. They're still shaking out some bugs, but if that interests you, check it out.

[*] Dear Internets, today I learned (1) that knowing you are going to Readercon does not magically translate into the hotel knowing that (it's fine, they were able to get me in) and (2) why, exactly, professional hair cutters cut on the outside of their fingers when they pull hair taut away from the scalp (it's basically fine, just the tiniest cut to the Pip and he barely complained at all, though my guilt is only slightly assuaged by this fact). But I've felt lousy all weekend and gotten shit-all done, which is going to be a major problem this week, so it was all amplified.

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