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Readercon schedule

Three official things, all on Saturday, and one unofficial thing on Sunday (full schedule):


  • 11:00 AM F A Visit from the "Suck Fairy": Enjoying Problematic Works. John Benson, Cathy Butler, Barbara Krasnoff (leader), Yoon Ha Lee, Adrienne Martini, Kate Nepveu. Encountering problematic elements within fictional works isn't uncommon. As readers develop awareness of racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism—development that occurs on both a personal and a cultural level—they may be appalled to stumble across bigotry in childhood favorites or long-lauded classics, or struggle to appreciate a book that everyone around them is enjoying. Can you still love a work after you've seen something horrible within it, or does continuing to enjoy it mean tacitly approving of not only that specific work but problematic works in general? How can we make room for complex reactions in conversations among critics and readers?
  • 3:00 PM ME Making Readercon Safer. Rose Fox, Crystal Huff, Kate Nepveu, Kim Riek (leader), Veronica Schanoes. In the best of all possible worlds, Readercon would be confidently safe and welcoming for all. What can each of us do, in our different roles, to get closer to that state? Join members of Readercon's concom and safety committee as we talk about safety and safe spaces. We invite you to share your concerns and suggestions in order to make Readercon 25 even better.
  • 7:00 PM ME Women's Bodies, Women's Power. Athena Andreadis (leader), Alex Dally MacFarlane, Kate Nepveu, Vandana Singh, Sabrina Vourvoulias. In many times and places, cisgender girls and women have been evaluated by their bodies, including their choice of dress, sexual behavior, virginity, and fertility. Juxtaposed with this are the mystification and taboos surrounding menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This outlook has migrated wholesale into speculative literature. It's still standard fare in fantasy for women to lose (or be thought to lose) any extranormal powers they possess when they first have penetrative sex, menstruate, or become pregnant, from André Norton's Witchworld adepts to Zamia in Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon. Athena Andreadis will explore the tropes and assumptions around this issue, including variants applied to trans* and non-binary characters.

I will also definitely be at Sunday's

  • 11:00 AM ME Adventures in Linear and Nonlinear Narration. Yoon Ha Lee. Fallen London (formerly known as Echo Bazaar) is a popular web-based game whose experience includes textual narrative served out through randomly-drawn "cards" and "storylets." Recently its creators opened up a streamlined version of the platform, StoryNexus, for those who wish to author similar games. Yoon Ha Lee was commissioned to create a planetary romance game, Winterstrike, to help showcase the platform. Lee will discuss the similarities and differences between writing a short story (static, linear narrative) and a StoryNexus game (dynamic, fluid narrative), and compare both to the experience of writing an interactive fiction game (text adventure), Moonlit Tower.

No bakesale this year because of hotel renovations and the resulting lack of space. Night availability may be limited because Chad & the kids may be coming to do touristy things while I am doing con stuff. Also I will be taking some on-call shifts for the safety committee. That said:

And because ticky was at a work retreat at a riverside facility today,

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