Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

afternoon thunderstorm

Today I, the kids, and the babysitter (who comes on Sunday afternoons to play with SteelyKid while Chad/I get work done/nap with the Pip/go shopping/etc.) were outside blowing bubbles when a thunderstorm rolled in. SteelyKid was sad that I would not let her run around in the rain, but we did stay on our very small covered front porch for quite a while. (She consoled herself bathing her arms in the roof runoff.)

Which is how I learned that there's a point early in a summer thunderstorm where the cooler air coming down with the water is displacing all the hot air at ground level so fast that soap bubbles rocket upward. Which was pretty cool, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

The Pip, meanwhile, learned that the sound of thunder means that it's raining (okay, generally speaking), which he very proudly showed off tonight by grinning delightedly and saying "wa-wa" (which is his word for anything liquid [*]) as thunder crashed. This would have been even cuter if it had not signified that he was so very, very awake at his bedtime . . .

[*] In the same way that "dog" is any four-legged critter, including, as these pictures suggest, skeletons of mammoths.

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