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Welcome to Night Vale (spoiler zone)

I don't actually have a lot to say, spoiler-wise, because I'm content for most of the mysteries to stay mysteries and to see where things go on the show's own pacing.

But one thing I do wonder about: the carrion all over the booth in Desert Bluff. Was it really there? Or did Cecil perceive something else about Desert Bluff that way, in some kind of metaphor? On one hand I prefer my Cecil to be very ordinary, no third eye (where did that come from on Tumblr?) or tentacles or whatever, because that makes it more interesting, the things he takes in stride. On the other hand I was really digging Desert Bluffs as horror under the surface, the way the corporate dystopia was slowly revealed, and having it "really" be all bloody and gruesome kind of detracts from that for me.

What did you all think when you heard those? And if there's other things you wanted to speculate about, don't let me stop you!

Finally, you will never convince me that Carlos didn't get his hair shorn on purpose, because that's exactly what I would have done if complete strangers started rhapsodizing about its perfection endlessly on the radio. GAH.

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