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spoilery responses to lettered's FMA:B posts

So like Mark, [personal profile] lettered is watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for the first time, too (right now, posts on episode 1 and episode 2 are up). I am reading along and commenting in non-spoiler terms, as should you all! But something in the ep. 2 post made me want to talk about adaptation choices, and with her permission I have put up a cut-tagged post with links and quotes and comments, which she will read when she's done. Y'all should comment too, here or there (DO NOT spoil her, obviously).

I will update this when I have things to say about new episodes and link to the updates in my rewatch posts.

This has or will have spoilers for the first anime+movie, the manga, and the second anime.

No comments for episode 1 that won't shake out over the course of this series.

Episode 2 (post): Here is the quote that make me want to undertake this project:

So, they brought back/created a Thing that was not their mom. Granny said she even saw it. I'm confused about whether it's dead. What if it comes back later? What if it's Sexy Villain Lady from the end of the first ep and the credits, and they have to fight their mom? That would be the best. Fighting your mom sucks.

So, [personal profile] lettered! Congratulations, you hit on the divergent plot that the makers of the first anime chose. There, instead of the Homunculi being created out of Philosopher's Stones by Father, they were the unsuccessful products of human transmutation, fed incomplete Stones to make them functional and serve a Nefarious Plan (which honestly I've mostly forgotten because it was way smaller-scale and less interesting than in the manga, and involved a woman wanting eternal youth and beauty, bleh). Ed and Al's Mom was . . . Sloth, I think, and Lust was created by Scar's brother.

In the manga, this bit comes much later, and Granny specifically says that she buried the thing herself. (I can't remember if in the first anime she does that and then Lust digs it up, or if Lust gets there first.) So I'm wondering if the makers of Brotherhood deliberately left out Granny saying she buried it to create an ambiguity for people who hadn't read the manga, make them wonder if a similar thing would happen despite Lust explicitly talking of "Father" as being in charge.

At any rate: yes, fighting your mom sucks. =>

Comments about other things are welcome; just because I'm only talking about stuff that won't shake out over the course of the series doesn't mean you have to restrain yourselves. Suggestion: put the episode # or title that you're referring to in the subject line of your comment? Thanks. comment count unavailable comment(s) | add comment (how-to) | link

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