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cross-stitched knotwork, free to good home

I have finished a stitching project! And now I need something to do with it.

It is a pattern of interlocking knotwork in four variegated autumn-ish colors (tan, pink, red, and green). It's designed to be a bookmark, and I could finish it that way by stitching around the edges with thread the same color as the fabric and, optionally, leaving a fringe around some/all of the sides (an example is behind the cut). However, it might be a little big for a bookmark, as the stitched area is about 2" x 8". (I would not put a backing on it, as that would make it quite thick, so finishing it as a bookmark means the back side of the stitches will be visible. They are very tidy, but I'm happy to take a picture to prove it.) It could also be framed, in which case I would leave it as-is.

I will ship anywhere in the world, free. If you're moved to donate to Con or Bust in thanks, that would be great, but it is 100% optional. In the unlikely event that more than one person has asked for it by the end of the week, I will pick a random number. So if you like it, don't be shy! I would like it to find a home with someone who appreciates it. (I'm not keeping it because I don't need a bookmark or something to hang on a wall.)

A picture of its current state (click to enlarge):

the cross-stitching being given away

How I would finish it as a bookmark:

example of bookmark finishing

(I have just written a bunch of stitching neep and then changed my mind and saved it to a file; probably I'll post to cross_stitch once I have pictures of its definite final state and post a link here.)

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