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The Grand Tour is out!

After yet another episode in the long and dull Quest for a TV Stand (upshot: still no new TV stand), I stopped in at Borders because, well, I was there, and I thought I should get books 3-6 of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series while they were still all on the shelf. And what do I find, to my great squeeing, but a copy of The Grand Tour (which as-you-know-Bob is the sequel to the lovely Sorcery and Cecelia)?

It was in YA, btw, if you go look yourself. I'd have moved one to SF but they only had one left on the shelf after I grabbed mine.

This is perfect—not only did I really really want this book, I was feeling guilty that I hadn't re-read Swordspoint on the plane to prepare for the Worldcon Fantasy of Manners panel. The problem is, I don't want to re-read Swordspoint: Alex irks me, and I don't want to be irked right now. With The Grand Tour, I can feel all virtuous about reading Fantasy of Manners and still have fun doing it!

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