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two SFF things

1) This year's WFC has hit upon the idea of charging for core parts of its programming, specifically book clubs and Kaffeeklasches. This is, as far as I am aware, unprecedented. Worse, the book clubs are being held in a portion of the hotel that is not wheelchair accessible.

This year's chair expedited a Con or Bust transfer of membership, which I appreciate, and I realize that WFC is important to many as a key industry event, so I do not judge people who go. (Con or Bust still has a free membership left for transfer!) But these are really shitty, exclusionary moves. WFC should reconsider.

(A little more discussion over at Scalzi's.)

2) In happier news, the next bonus content in Strange Horizon's fundraising drive is an essay by Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay titled "Recentering Science Fiction and the Fantastic: What Would a Non-Anglocentric Understanding of SF and Fantasy Look Like?", which I very much want to read, so go donate if you are able! If not, spread the word: SH publishes really good stuff and is working hard to give a platform to diverse voices.

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