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I have been too busy and angry to do a lot of news reading these days. But here are two things that caught my eye tonight, before I throw in the towel on this legal research and go to bed already:

The Horror Novel You’ll Never Have to Live: Surviving Without Health Insurance, by Kameron Hurley: a vivid first-person tale of what it means to be uninsured.

(Thing one point five: funding for WIC (a program that feeds Women, Infants, and Children) is at risk from the shutdown; now is a good time to look into donating to a food bank.)

Diverse Worlds Grant Fundraiser: raising money to start a grant to "help writers from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the genre to start and continue publishing." These appear to be fairly small grants (the Older Writers grant that the same foundation administers is $750), but every little bit helps. They're most of the way to their goal now, but not having to fundraise for subsequent years = good, so if you're able to donate, wonderful, and if not, pass the word.

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