Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Friday morning, there was a quarter inch of solid ice on my car. It took me half an hour to clear it off so that I could go to work. Schenectady got another quarter inch during the day; I got less in Albany, where it's generally warmer. It continued spitting ice Friday night, and wasn't supposed to let up until mid-day Saturday. Since my parents were getting the same kind of weather out in Massachusetts, we said, "Well, guess we're not going to visit them this weekend."

Friday night at 10:00, the power went out, flickered back on, and then went out for good. When it went out the second time, we said, "Well, guess it's time for bed."

[ The important thing to note here is that, though our furnace is gas, the heat gets disturbed through a forced-air system. Which runs on electricity. Which means no heat when the electricity's out. Which is incredibly stupid, in my opinion: if you've got gas coming in for the heat anyway, why not rig the fans and such so they run on gas, too? ]

Saturday morning the power still wasn't on, so we went to Bruegger's for a leisurely breakfast. Came back, power still wasn't on, so we went to Chad's office. Came back around lunchtime, cleared an additional inch of snow and ice off the other car, discovered that power still wasn't on, and said, "Well, guess we're going to Whitney Point for the night." Chad's parents weren't getting the same bad weather, live closer than my parents, and had his grandmother and one of his great-aunts up anyway, who we wanted to see.

Went to the Point, had a nice dinner, watched Kansas *thump* Marquette—who knew?—and Syracuse pull it out against Texas. Go, Syracuse. Slept a bit fitfully (we've gotten out of the habit of sleeping in a double bed) but warmly. Stayed through lunch and then headed back: power or no power, we had things to do that couldn't really be accomplished there. Chad's parents are really way too good to us.

Still no power. It was about forty degrees in the house. According to the recording on the power company's phone, power is expected to be restored late Monday. We said, "Well, guess we're going to a hotel." Before we do that, though, we have the exciting experience of bailing out an alarming quantity of water from the sump pump hole (because, of course, the sump pump runs on electricity) and moving around some stuff that got wet. (It's a good thing we didn't put the paperback shelves in the basement . . . )

Between this and the 100+ inches of snow we've had this season, this has really been a great introduction to the joys of home ownership.

To be fair, I usually don't get too worked up over things I can't control, like weather and traffic, so it could be much worse.

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