Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

TED@NYC (and DW?)

This summer, TED put out a call for auditions, and Chad duly recorded a one-minute version of his forthcoming book. This got him invited to give a six-minute talk in NYC, which he did last night, and I got to go (thanks to his parents, who came up to stay with the kids).

I can't wait for them to put up the videos, because some of the talks were really stunning. (Here's a rundown from TED.) Meanwhile, here's a draft of Chad's text, in which he tells us the most amazing thing he knows.

And for you all: the talks were split into two sessions (six minutes can be a surprisingly long time, and there were a lot of talks), and early in the second session, as they were breaking down the stage after CDZA, they had an open mic, topic prompted by an audience comment: "Why are people so fascinated by sex: in six words or less."

So, DW: care to play? Or propose a different question for six words? Or have a TED talk idea that you would develop given worlds enough and time?

(The TED folks, by the way, were very supportive and helpful through the whole process. Chad had a blast. So if they call for auditions again and that sounds interesting, you should totally go for it.)

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