Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Link Dump, More GMail

Forgot to dump these links in last night's post. Work has gotten even more interesting today, so this may be it for a while:

And we have even more Gmail invites. As Gmail for Troops has only claimed half of the invites I gave them a while ago, I'm throwing it out to you all. All comments are screened so that people may leave their e-mail addresses (standard deal: if you're not on my friends or friends-of list, it would be polite of you to say how you got here; and anonymous people with disposable addresses are cordially invited to bite me). I'll unscreen any non-e-mail-address comments. (Edit: okay, NOW they're screened. Sorry.)

I also forgot that it was just over a year ago that Chad brought home the best Emmy ever. I can imagine life without our dog—it lacks cleaning up dog vomit from the carpet, and walks in the rain, and expensive dog boarding, true, but it also lacks happy wiggly doggie when I come home from work, and that alone is such a mood-lifter that it's all worth it.

Tags: books, dogs, links, tech

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