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Face Off (through the dark elf challenge)

This is the silly SyFy makeup artist reality show that I am very fond of. Quick thoughts on the season to date, which I caught up with over sorting and folding the kids' laundry and lunch:

I thought the week Alanna went home that she was a victim of her own good decisions. She was paired with Laini and made the call to ditch Laini's terrible cowl, which meant the thing that was left for the judges to focus on was her facial sculpt—which, admittedly, was not good, but she made a decision to go for the good of the overall character and suffered for it. (I'm doing this super-quick so not looking up spellings of names, if I get it wrong sorry.)

And then Laini just quit this week! I mean, it was obvious that she was not very mature, even though I think she wasn't the literal youngest, but wow. If I were Alanna I would be beyond words.

(I wasn't impressed at them bringing back Alanna and Miranda, and I am glad I was wrong.)

Miranda was incredibly lucky that her massive brain lockup happened this week, and that she had such good work previously, seriously.

Go Laura! She was totally robbed the one season that they did audience voting determines the winner, and while I like all the remaining finalists, I really really want her to win. (I think she and Tate are the best-rounded of the remaining four, and based on the season to date I think either would be a suitable winner, but seriously, she was robbed.) Ugh, I hate getting invested in these things.

And now I have to disconnect my keyboard and see why the "b" key is sticking down (I have made it through this post by banging the keyboard down after every time I typed it to make up pop up again).

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