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links dump, wake-up-already edition

No, seriously, I'm falling asleep at my desk and can't concentrate on what I should be doing, so I will links-dump to wake myself up.

The Logic of Stupid Poor People: blog post that's been getting a lot of traction about the vital necessity of signalling "not like them" for women and/or people of color to gatekeepers.

(This is the tiniest example compared to the ones in an article, but I went to college at Northeastern which built its educational experience around co-op, full-time work alternated with full-time classes. One of my co-ops had its funding vanish at the last minute. In retrospect, I should have made much more of a fuss about this—so should the school—but I was going to be living at home anyway, so I just went looking for a job to pay for my commuter rail pass. I interviewed at a local movie theater wearing a suit. I can't remember if I changed into the suit or just didn't change out of it, but I do remember that the manager commented on it and decided to skip me over the concession stand, which normally was where everyone started, and put me on the ticket booth. Which, thank goodness, working in a small space with a lot of high schoolers would have been hell on earth. It was a good decision on their part, too, because the registers at the time didn't make change and apparently no-one knows how to count back change any more.)

(You guys know how to count back change, right? You count up to the smallest amount it takes to make something ending with a 5 or 0, and then do the same for whatever it takes to make the next useful increment, and so forth. Someone gives you $40 for a $27 charge: "okay, 28, 29, 30 [counting out $1 bills as you go]; and ten makes forty." Sure, you can also subtract in your head, but this is more likely to be followed and agreed-upon by your customer, too.)

Proto-Spam: Spanish Prisoners and Confidence Games: a history of the Spanish Prisoner scheme, which lives on today in the Nigerian letter spam. Includes how mass-production (i.e., the typewriter) affected the quality of the scam letters.

Via Captain Awkward on Predator Prevention, a stunning essay titled I Met A Convicted Serial Killer, and He Made Me Feel More Loved Than Anyone Else In My Life.

Steve Rogers is politically progressive, whether in the MCU or 616.

Pictures of the Rube Goldberg contraption in Elementary's opening titles (also, I cannot find the comparison now, but the bust that gets smashed and (S1 ending spoiler) have the same haircut).

I never noticed this, but apparently NYC subway drivers are required to point at particular signs in stations? Some people decided to liven things up with their own signs. I liked some better than others, but it's only a 90-second video.

Somehow I didn't follow links about Noor Inayat Khan back when Code Name Verity was released and the author was citing her as a historical inspiration: "As an [Allied Special Operations Executive] agent during the Second World War, she became the first female radio operator to be sent from Britain into occupied France to aid the French Resistance." (Spoiler for history: not a happy ending.)

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