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wood cat


incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Echo Bazaar, Fallen London, Echo Bazaar - Ladybones Road, Fallen London - Ladybones Road
Kate kate_nepveu
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now is a good time to go back to Fallen London
Besides the content and larger action bank mentioned in this blog post, there are currently calling cards making the rounds (Lodgings / Attend to matters of society and scandal), the full import of which is not yet clear; but leave me your username and I'll send you a calling card so we can be acquainted and boost each other's qualities if so desired.

Edit: sorry, I hit the cap on calling cards; if you can't accept one I sent you, maybe send to the people in comments here?

(Also, those of you familiar with Seeking Mr Eaten's Name, someone actually sent him a calling card, the results of which are kind of amazing already (with more to come).)

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